Stage Floor Do-Over


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Hi, I did a search through the forums on resurfacing stages which are helpful. I have what I see as a golden opportunity as a result of a disaster.
Our black box theater floor was severely damaged by water and had to be sawn out and removed in pieces.
The concrete under the stage floor is recessed 2 1/4" so that the finished floor is level with the concrete floors around it.
The stage itself was constructed of 3/8" thick neoprene sleepers (to replicate a sprung floor but more economical), 2 layers of 5/8" plywood and the last layer is a product that I am unfamiliar with. Its 1/2" plywood with 1/8" hardboard laminated on each side for a total thickness of 3/4".

Not crazy about the last layer as there is no way to replace the hardboard layer after it gets beat up without replacing the whole 3/4" laminated board.
And second (as has been beaten to death on this forum) gaff tape etc pulls the paint off.

I am wondering if there isn't a better way to fill 2 1/4" with goodness that is maybe more springy for movement and dancers with a topper that is less janky.
I did see a product called polyonyx+ that I gleaned from a reddit post which looks promising, I should get more info on that soon.
If anyone here has used that and is wlling to give a pirep on it--I'm all ears.

Thanks in advance!

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