Strand 250ml

Dave S

I'm new to this console and Showline 155 Zoom LED fixtures, although I've used analogue consoles for years.
1 Can I write a cue or sub master from 2 different pages?
2 Can I use bump buttons to have an LED fixture scroll thru colours?
3 Is there a better area for my question?


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Preface: I demoed this console, and thought that it offered a fair amount of function, with a low learning curve, at a very reasonable price...but (as an proficient MA2 user) I never wanted to use it ever again.

1) I really don't know. I would start a fresh show with just a couple fixtures patched to test this.
2) If i remember , bump buttons work as you would expect, bring in your recorded fader to full, as far as scrolling through colors, I cant remember id you can make a cue stack then just it go for each one, but i think that was a normal thing.
3) This is the best area for your question here; maybe there is a strand users forum somewhere, but that's grasping.


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There are actually 3 or 4 threads about the ML250 on the first page. The ML250 is actually a decently capable desk, and its very affordable. To be fair, with the exception of turning up some faders at one venue, I only used a pre-release demo, so the software could be a bit better by now.

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