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I have somehow finagled the higher ups to let me gut and redo my tool room and a couple of storage spaces. THIS IS NOT A TEST! Of course there is a budget, but I'm in NYC so a budget for a closet scene shop can go a long way.

I want to hear your I wish I hads, wouldn't it be great if and whose bright idea was that along with anything you love or hate about your tool storage. I am redoing a tool room and a general "gak" storage closet with maybe a meat rack or two for some spare units.


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From my experience in independent scene shops:

- Clamps. vice grips, bar, pipe, quick, all the clamps. I've NEVER heard a complaint about having too many clamps.
- Many many assorted sizes and depths of ratchets and sockets, but ALL THE SAME DRIVE size. So annoying to fish around in the drawer for an adapter.

Those are the little things that make life easier. For storage, I haven't used them but any of the various systainer systems seem like a great idea for tool organization and protection.
I don't care for pegboards, and prefer drawers for the small hand tools. Classic rolling craftsman storage carts are great


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I guess it depends on how much and what type of scenic construction you do. Some very important 'kits' I like to keep on hand are:
Door knob Kit:
Hole saws, chisels, templates drills. Vicks Bit or Hole center punch, counter sink bit

Hinge Kit:
Chisels , Vick's bit, template or Trim router, template plunge bit, counter sink bit.

Plumbing kit:
Most plumbing you'll do on stage is for a single kitchen sink so, Various Pipe wrenches, strap wrench, Hose clamps <Hardware I know but I like to think of them as tools>, Utility knife, hacksaw.

Basic Soldering kit for quick electronic and electrical repairs, include a cheap multi-meter.

MAP torch, always need one never can find one.

Screw drivers, flat AND Phillips, because sometimes you need a screwdriver not a screw gun.
C-clamps, Pipe Clamps

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