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If it works, it's a great deal.


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Well, I'm not really involved in theatre much anymore here at college....he's got a cheaper Chauvet'd be going into my dorm room :) Still, if he'll respond to my email and still has both, I might get the Trackspot. I could loan it to my buddy that staid in town to teach the tech class that I used to.

Only thing is, he'll need a way to run the DMX stuff. In my dorm I'd use in in some "auto" mode or something.

Anyways, I've seen new Trackspots selling for about a grand, and used ones for several it does seem like a good deal. Maybe he doesn't know what he has?

Edit: it's a lady, and a night club owner gave her three Trackspots and three Chauvet Omega I's for a debt he owed her. She has three of each.


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A lot of really cheap equipment has been coming out of Katrina. Open the device and make sure that it isn't filled w/ mud.


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As for control, I recently purchased an "Optima" brand "MonsterDMX" from BulbAmerica for $87 (+shipping). It is supposed to be able to control 16 fixtures of 16 channels each. It's a DJ controller, and I bought it to run my LED PARcan. I haven't yet sat down to program it, but the User Manual seems straight forward.

My DMX tester cost around $300, but it won't auto-cycle through scenes. How wrong can you go for $87? My pocket console was $350, and would have to have an odd patch to run a Trackspot. Again, one scene only.

Hope this helps.
There were different revisions of the Trackspot, from what I was told when I hired some a while back and enquired about a few differences I noticed between fixtures.

They all work equally well though so just buy it if you can - it's a great basic moving mirror.

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