Where do I go to purchase lamps?

I rent a small amount of lighting gear MACs & ETC 4's and was purchasing my replacement lamps from LE Nelson. LE Nelson was purchased a couple of months ago by PRG. The people working there are the same but some of their prices have gone up. What bothers me most is that I now feel like I would be buying my lamps from someone who is competing with me since PRG rents gear. LE Nelon used to only sell to dealers but now that PRG owns them they are really selling straight to the theaters and end users because PRG does. Are there any other good lamp sources out there where I would not be giving my money to the competition?
I have to agree, production advantage is the way to go, if you have a couple days(shipping), when in a crunch sometimes you get lucky and can find the lamp at a local electrical warehouse.
Sorry but I will take my response and advice off line. The listed sources are good but not all out there. It’s also as posed more a dealer support and concept question that is a bit different than end user question by way of who specifically to shop at. I would recommend anyone intending to respond with direct advice on this question or it’s parts respond off line with advice should it be sources to shop at.

In addition to this, I do not see a problem with this news that PRG now owns L.E. Nelson Sales. Should not matter in the end result who gets your money if it’s still saving you what you pay with them on your own bottom line verses shopping with others if it’s costing you money by way of making a statement. In this part I totally disagree. PRG is not in any way taking business or being over-worked away from me or anyone else with their growth. Yes they large and the Borg, but this industry is large enough for many and all production companies. Thoughts that because of them you get less is short sighted. Instead, focus on your work and PRG or not, you will be busy in this industry. Instead, those at PRG as where I and others are at are just other companies. Sometimes you get and sometimes you loose a project over another source but other times you gain a project instead of. Less a question of the other company offered but instead what you brought to the table.

Also in counteracting what is to some extent incorrect, Nelson Sales has been selling direct to customers for at least 10 years now. What dealer cost is thru them or retail cost as different can at times be the same or different, but I did years back get flyers from them as a TD at a very broke theater. Also a few weeks ago in buying some but not all in any way a lamp order from them, the prices I was given had not gone up at all. Should there be a price change by way of them it would follow inflation I would think more than because they PRG who is also known for lamp resale to have jacked up prices. My recent prices thru them have not changed. Still inflation is there and it’s reasonable to expect a price change. After this, if your lamps get too expensive, walk away from this amongst many suppliers and find where it’s still in your price range.

Given this and while mikeslight has an interesting news item and concept to discuss, I am playing Devils advocate here in specifying that PRG, Christie or other company owning Nelson does not matter. Instead it’s your own bottom line to look after for lamps and shows. Your leg work and quality in production wins the day.
Just got a bill from Nelson Lamps, are you sure they were bought out? It did not mention anything about a new owner on the bill.

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