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    PreSonus StudioLive 32.4.2AI as a church FOH mixer?

    So your goal is to save the entire user base that purchases equipment online by constantly flip-flopping in an online forum about the seemingly minute virtues of various AVL products??? That is futile at best. An uneducated purchase is an uneducated purchase and whether the board is analog or...
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    PreSonus StudioLive 32.4.2AI as a church FOH mixer?

    Brad, are you trying to inform or argue for argue's sake? Your discussion isn't about two products that have strengths and weaknesses, but rather a console that was first to the scene and now is lacking in features. I have advocated and installed SL boards into venues since they were released...
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    LED Striplights around $500 or less?

    The colordash batten tri's from Chauvet are pretty good and hold up well. Also, Elation has a unit that is just above that $500 price tag that would do well. How many would you be looking to pick up?
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    Installs Bose Roommatch

    If you can't get an audio consultant to help with the design, then I would recommend that you work with an AV integrator then. There are a number of variables that need to be addressed at the same time in order to make a successful system work. Speakers are just a part of the overall solution...
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    Altman IQ20 - anybody familiar with them?

    These units are very inexpensive. They are not super practical for repeated swapping of color etc as they are intended to be set and lamper and left alone for extended periods of time. Whats the application?
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    Most cost effective way to uplight wall

    Altman Lighting has a 50w version of its LED Cyc light. Very flat and very efficient. It will light upwards of 12' when spaced 4' on center. Sending you a PM.
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    Light controller for small traveling band

    Paleus, I sent you a PM. If it were me, I would go fo something tactile and straight forward to run. If the sound guy is really running the cues, I would look for a unit with an audio in that can trigger cueing as the sound guy will almost always default to doing sound and forget about the...
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    Control/Dimming Controlling conventional dimmers and LED pars

    Actually, it's not the same software. Syntax, yes. Software, no. The Element is more expensive than a basic palette and with limited intelligent fixture ability.
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    This Is Humiliating

    Agreed. As fun as all this is in retrospect, Church AV is about educating the volunteer staff more then techniques or quality of gear. If you are this cynical about the proposition of church audio then I doubt you are going to reach this volunteer and train him in a manner that is beneficial...
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    Control/Dimming Controlling conventional dimmers and LED pars

    I agree with gafftaper's assessment. For a Theater who can't afford an ion, I will set them up with a basic palette console with 256 channels as a good board for theater use. Split faders, proper syntax and handling of LED and basic movers is better than a limited console that does not work...
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    Design Issues and Solutions Elation 216 vs Mac 301

    Not sure I agree with that. Maybe you need to find the right person to talk to at Martin.
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    Automation Software question

    Re: Software queation When it comes to chain motors, Motion Labs is always a good place to start.
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    Design Issues and Solutions need help on how i should i light up a cyclorama

    You will need ALOT of either of those fixtures to light a cyc properly. The only way I could see you doing it would be to place XWFL lenses on your pars and set them back 15-20' or so so they can spread and utilize some frost to blend the circles. That said, this is not the best way to do it...
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    Best Way to Light a Cyc

    Agreed. The best way to light a CYC is with a Cyc unit itself. Having done countless demos in countless spaces with every other unit you can imagine put next to them, Asymmetrical CYC units win hands down. That is all. THANKS! :-)
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    Looking for low-profile LED fixtures to light a fabric set - recommendations?

    Have you tried Spectra Cyc's? There are 3 flavors now. 200w/100w and the new 50w which I would think would be perfect for what you are doing. Below are the cutsheets online. They are meant to be spaced 4' O.C. and will wash 12' high. If you want to go 18' high you need a 100w or a 200w for...