Enttec USBDMX Pro and MiniStageConsole


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Hey guys,

Since a few weeks I can't get me Enttec dongle and MiniStageConsole to work together.
It has worked for over 2years...

What have I tried:
- Reïnstall FDTI and VCP drivers
- Reïnstall MiniStageConsole
- Updated the firmware in my dongle
- I tried to send an output signal to it from the update window and there my Enttec dongle works.
- Can't get is to work through Chamsys neither, so I suspect it's a drivers issue. I just don't know which one :(

I'm working on a MacBook Pro 13" (Retina 2016 model) (MacOS version: 10.13.6)

Any ideas or suggestions?

Thanks in advance.
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Issue is resolved...
For those with the same problem, it seems that Apple has made their own FTDI drivers now and you need to remove the ones from FTDI.
/Library/Extensions/ 'and to be sure also check' /System/Library/Extensions/ <-- Remove the FTDI kext from these folders.

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