Color Kinetics Nightmare


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So i am doing a show with some colorblazes and Colorblasts, and a couple moving lights..nothing too fancy.

I've worked with the color kinetics before, on Hog3PC, express, and obsession consoles.

But for this gig i decide to go with the GrandMA.

I set everything up, i address the fixtures. run the cable out to the board, select "standard LED fixture" from the set up.

and then....nothing.

They were on and glowing "dim" but i had no overall control over them.

I took a backup Lepricon 624 (basic 2 scene DMX board) hooked it up, and the lights went out, and sure enough, i had full 3 channel control over the lights.

What am i doing wrong on the MA!>?!?
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you were correct.

1st thing this morning (after i got a couple hours of sleep, we had been going for about 20+ hours at that point) we found a problem with our opto-splitter and yet another problem with a data line that we think had been run over by the lift.

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