Has anyone got a site where I can download a piece of software that I can digitally make light shows (obviously It would not allow u to actually run lights with it). I'm looking for anything really. Just so I can enjoy making light shows but for free.
That depends on what you mean by "light shows."

Most light board manufacturers allow you to download free, offline editors for their boards, which do everything the real board does except actually output information to the dimmers, and you can actually create a show on the offline editor, save it on a disk, and then import it to your board.

Try the website of your light board's manufacturer. (If I recall correctly, you posted a picture of a strand board in another thread).
Some (I used to say most, but there are so many new programs out that don't offer this) have a free visualizer that is part of the program. But a visualizer is different than wysiwyg type applications. They way they work is to do the programming on the desktop and then that is visualized on the visualizer. There's no way to create a light plot with them.

Martin LightJockey has a visualizer, but I don't recommend it, even tho I think LJ is the best pc based control system. The visualizer is complicated to set up and position fixtures the way you want them to. Plus, there's really no way to do conventional fixtures in it.

You might try Elation Compuware. I know it has a visualizer, but I don't know how good it is and I don't like the program.
I just want a program where I can make a show and watch it.
I don't want to actually run lights with it!
Can somebody please insert a link to a download
I have downloaded MA3D and installed it the help file is crap. Can someone give me a link to a couple of tutorials because none of my fixtures seem to be lighting up.
is ma3d supposed to only work with the grandma board? because I have the dvd for it, but not the board itself :) and even the free dvd doesn't work because of region codes Ithink, and I don't hav a dvd drive in my pc to try playing it on. it doesn't work on my dvd player though. that's what I get for living in the US I guess. I can't get fixtures to light up in ma3d either...
For MA3D to work you need to be simultaneously running GrandMA Offline or onPC of the same version. Then you create a server in Offline or onPC and join from 3D. The "board" controls the "lights."
aah....I'll try that! thank you Radman, for pointing out the obvious to me! ;)

man, computers kick butt! I'll never use this (atleast not for a long time!) for anything, because I don't even have a DMX board at any of the places I do work for, but it' alot of fun to learn things like this!
just because I'm stupid still, can you tell me how, in GrandMA onPC I create a server, so that it will work with GrandMA 3D ?? thanks! I have looked around and can't figure it out. I will look in thehelp files too, if I can find those! :)
ok, I found help in 3d, not yet in onpc. I have a connction there, but I cannot get the lights to light up. I might just have to wait a week, until I'm done on the draft of this research paper, and trying to bring up my algebra II grade, to mess withit more. Man, after working on that last night I feel that my NSI board is just....inadequate.

GrandMA onPC has a gooseneck dimmer built in, and I don't even have goosenecks.
Showxpress should be what your looking for, i think it's by chavert
God, that stupid MA visualizer is crazily confusing. Granted, I haven't tried or looked at it in months, but, ugh. Ugh ugh uhg.

You know what I do when I go crazy for not having a visualizer? MSPaint. I'm a geek, I know it. I can't show any motion, really, but I can show strobes and static looks and when I put it in a video to music it looks like...well, crap, but it either gives me ideas when I program, or satisfies my urge to design!
For all you complaining about the MA visulizer being stupid, you shouldn't.

Is it as easy to use as say, an ETC Express Console? Not by a long shot, but the console is infinitely more configurable. With all that power to configure the console, you really need to be trained on the console. And that is something that MA provides to you when you buy the console. They are not particularly concerned with people trying to get a free visualizer, at least not enough to spend the time to train them on it. If you want to learn how to use it, ask them for the Demo DVD. It will take you through most of the steps of what you are asking it to do. And contrary to what people have said, it does work just fine in the US. I have never had any problems with running it. Otherwise, take some time and figure it out, rather than just coming around to a website and calling it stupid or crap.

Sorry to be pissy, but I get really tired of people who don't show a little bit of patience and expect things to work with out putting any time into actually learning the nuances of the way each board works.

As a big hint, these days you really have to know about IP addresses to get most consoles talking to other devices out there.....

Another option might be to go over to another forum where there are many professionals who use the MA software all the time. Say for instance, The light network? But don't go calling it crap or stupid over there or you won't get much help, I'd venture...
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