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Hi Everybody:
Illinois Wesleyan University School of Theatre Arts is liquidating a bunch of lighting equipment. Some is free, some is for sale at reasonable prices. Really we want it all to go to a good home and keep making art. Condition is excellent to fair. Used in a University setting, never toured. Asking prices listed, but go ahead and ask....We want the gear gone....

For Sale:
-1x Jands Vista T2 Desk [$850.00]
-8x Altman 1KAF Fresnels (these are really nice....) [$45.00/each]
-10x Strand 3 Bay Cyc lights w/5 yokes, 4 Sets trunnions, spare lamps, frames, mesh shields, and gel library. [$100.00/each.]
-1x L&E mini strip 72" [$75.00]
-7.5" Top Hats [$5.00/each]
-2x ETC Source Four 10 Deg lenses [$125/each]
-16+ Strand CD80 2.4k Dimmer Modules [$10 each]

For Free:
-9x Strand Lekozoom 25-50
-3x Altman 4.5Q 25-50 zoom
-~20x PAR64 w/lamp

We may be able to part with 1x CD80 pack(12 dimmers at 2.4kW) and some scrollers for a reasonable offer.

Gear is located in central Illinois, reasonable offers considered. no shipping, but I am happy to do whatever is reasonable to get this gear to a new loving home. Make a offer-DM or comment here!
Getting hard to even give to a good home gear. You have of course contacted Cornstock Peoria and the other non-profits in your area? I know of a bunch of 360Q fixtures especially in the un-wanted 6x16 size in the Elmhurst area, I could offer no advisement on giving away short of those wanting having to pay shipping which would add up, short of putting them in "The Reader" a Chicago newspaper most of the theater type read.

Also a shame that many schools I have been to in the Oglesby/Peru Illinois River area, all the way down to Litchfield in quotes or upgrades, don't have the infrustructure to handle real stage lighting, and mostly want to go a few fixtures of modern RGBW PARs and TBD budget strips as upgrade.. Gymatorium at best in most cases, so with upgrade no real special lighting etc. to design around.

Than there is the liability issue. Most schools cannot accept them, other donated to sources say a non-for profit theater does not have the resources to fix the light or even replace a lamp socket. Much less skill level to know what is safe to use. Becomes at some point if you give someone an un-safe appliance, and it burns down their theater... you could be liable even if you told them it needs work.

Even if your ME does the work and certifies factory spec. and parts, still liable potentially. This not saying don't donate, but anything I donate I service to factory spec, I even send lenses thru the dish washer so as to send the best safe fixture I could donate, or not sent.
This would include the RSC based wash lights. I can send you free replacements or teach you how to clean them off line, as years ago posted about in how to do.

A note... what is old is new. Years ago when the ETC S-4 PAR came out, we sold off all the PAR 64 cans with lamp for $25.00 each. Once the WWE and other shows came up, spent weeks wiring up new PAR 64 cans.... That was a few years/many years ago in purge. Recently we purged all our 8" sized barn doors... This means all Fresnel or PAR 64 given no 8" Leko in stock. I can remember literally a pallet sacked full of them in grabbing some a year ago headed for the scrap yard. Last Month a tour came up that required 24 PAR 64 barn doors. Nobody makes them any more... that Project Manager had a rough time in acquiring them.
Years and years ago, I made a PAR 64 flashlight for some band tour. Made two of them. Everything was insulated and isolated so to make the 1Kw fixture safe and cool to use and handle. During one of my purges... I got rid of them. Upper Management wanted me to purge, this had not been used for years... safe to get rid of them. Early this year the same band wanted the same concept, but LED.
Looked into the possibilities of making LED for the fixture. (Did some research in the past including on some foutain light LED's,)_ But Bulbtronics had the 500w LED insert available. One of my staff also had taken home and stored the origional fixtures by chance. I went with the huge price on the LED upgrade from them in highest color temperature I could. Trick the eye in narrow beam in making it seem as bright.

Thing is, you never know when someone will want a retro, or "My Kindom for another Leko"! Should you have space to save some of the obsolete gear, my recommendation is if you don't find a local donar you can rent it back from... see if you can store it away. If my Mentour in the industry, Clyde Foster had not maintained or stored the 1911 and much of his 1950's, and 1964 Halogen stock into the 90's when I learned from him, there would not be the collection I have. Probably 15 years ago, beam projectors became popular again.... had to take out of the attic one of the managers, lights we go rid of 10 years before I got there he stored. Now the only beam projectors are in my hidden storage.

I unfortunately have all the above lights in museum collection of what's collected, one of each. I love the 1KAL if 6". I bought mine thru Design Lab used gear sales. - It's thru them called "Old Rover", wonder if it was it's travels or that the focus would wander unless cable tied to it's focus.
Save and store away what you can. Never know when someone will want/need something. This much less at ISU, we discovered how to do the PAR can X stage beam of light across the stage with barn doors in Advanced Lighting class. Your PAR 64 are not by chance Colortran with the rear handle for focus? I don't have one of them in collection.
Back at ISU, we also had a stand of lights wheeled into the classroom so as to explain technology. Save some for that purpose.
UPDATE: All is sold, AND got to hear from SHIP. Great day

Also @ship , Not the Colortrans, but i do have the Strand ones with the tapered tops
Thanks, and good you got it done. Advice on further theater's wanting gear and your successful giving it away posted?
I thought I have a Strand can but my notes say I don't. Save me one and PM me to arrange once I verify. I could sware I have one, but over a hundred lights in collection in no recent inventory. I could be wrong. Also off line contact in shop/museum thing to do. 2.5 hours away.
Yep I have one. Your Strand's might be Hub resold out of the Chicago area. But also possible Grand Stage from Chicago also sold Strand fixtures. If the theater was built in the 60's, likely Hub.

Strand #8736 or 523M PAR 64 c. 1965; (Sym. - exact to Hub #8736) 500w EMEP lamp but with Strand markings.
I did much of the leg work for Nook the LD's artical on PAR Can's. Believe I remember this Strand version was the first with caviots for a specific tour. Such history would be on-line with PLSN.
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