Issues with FX fans


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I have been unable to control through DMX an Anatari AF-3 fan. The fan works manually. I thought it was possibly the main circuit board and replaced that. I also just received a CITC Hurricane II. Guess what? The same issue.

We use ETC nomad. I have tried different channels in the patch and tried different dmx inputs.

It's probably something simple and I am complicating it. Any help out there?
You don't provide any info on your setup or your experience level with lighting, so I'm going to make a couple general statements...

FX fixtures should not be on a dimmer. They need constant on.
Assuming it's patched in the same mode as the fixture, and you're actually getting DMX signal to the fan. And assuming you're patching it to an allowed output. And assuming the fixture is terminated.

It sounds like when you are modifying intensity to run an FX fixture, at least that's what I am assuming...

Fans, hazers, fog, snow, etc. don't typically run on the intensity parameter, a. ex. channel 511 @ 100 won't turn a fan on.

Also some fans wont turn on at less than 50%


example of an Antari FX in 2 ch mode.

in ML Controls


Some fans require both Load on and the blower wheel up, where others will only work with blower running and load doesn't do anything.

You can click on the Blower button to or the 0 in the Live Table to throw it on the command line.

511 Blower Load On
511 Blower @ 100
would turn it on, again assuming its actually receiving signal and the Fan is good.

Hope that helps.

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