Lighting Ideas

I work at a theatre with a strand lighting system and i was wondering what i could do to make band preformances better and more like a live band concert then a school event? I don't have much of a budget, so buying expensive stuff is out. But im open to ideas.

How many fixtures do you have, how much dimming cappacity, etc.?
hang stuff in as many spots as you can think of, use more color then y0u normall would and just play for a day. record things that lookk reallly good. if there's to much color, make it more coheisive.......
Also, keep in mind what you're lighting for. If its a band concert ,most of the audience will be coming to see exactly that, not a sound and light show. I don't know what exactly your goals are, or what parameters have been set for you. You don't want to write a bunch of cool effects that only wind up detracting from the show.

what I'd suggest, is maybe coming up with slightly different colors for a back cyc-wash for different songs, or slightly different looks nothing too drastic, and probably no cues within the songs, unless you clear it with your band director.

so basically don't go over board but by all means do it up. But i'd recommend aiming for classy before aiming for cool.


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