Obey 40 issues.

Hoping I can find some help here...

I have recently purchased the Obey 40 dmx controller, and have been having issues ever since. I am only using 12 lights (ALL Microh LED Max Zoom Quad) and for some reason I am getting absolutely nothing from the board. The lights work fine in stand alone mode, they are all set to the proper dmx address, and they worked fine with my old board. They only don't respond when I have them hooked up to this Obey 40.

Any Ideas?



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Hardly a week goes by without a new thread starting about Chauvet controllers. (I think we need to consolidate these threads.) I think there are three main reasons for all of these questions;
1) As they are inexpensive, they are often the first controller the OP may own.
2) The manuals are cryptic, more of a list of disjointed ideas and concepts.
3) Chauvet has some ideas as to how things should work that are in a world unto themselves.

Still, here is a very basic checklist to get new owners started. Remember, walk first, then run.
1) Make sure your fixture is in DMX mode and is set to an address of 001
2) Connect the fixture (only one) to the controller.
3) Power up the light and the controller.
4) Take the board out of "blackout" mode.
5) Press the "Fixture 1" button.
6) Move each slider up and down and see if the light responds.
7) If nothing responds, or the light is erratic, flip the "reverse polarity" switch on the back of the controller.

If you still have problems, follow the instructions to "factory default" (clear all memory) on the board. (I have seen some come through with junk data in memory that causes problems.) Once you have achieved control over one light, it is safe to start building your knowledge base by adding lights and experimenting with programming.

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