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I need to run a concert for an elementary chior/band/orch. The last time we did this, the lights were all set but this time no one is here to do it. Can you give me a basic rundown of the light board and how to light a concert, or am i in way over my head? Any advice is welcome!
What exactly is an R02 or an R08 wash? I'm not a lighting guy either, and I'm curious.
R02 and R08 are Rosco Gel colors...

R02= Bastard Amber
R08= Pale Gold

Now, I agree that R02 is a good front wash color but also try a color correction gel. You dont want color hitting the artists on stage. After doing several professinal orchastra's you learn that color on the band members is not a good idea. If you have backlight that is on the back wall or such then I would throw in some wash colors and color mix to make some cool blends. Reds, Blues, Yellows. What colors you use will probably depend on what type of music and songs that will be performed.
Makes sense, thanks!
The R08 color really makes skin tones stand out if you get it right, and R02 is just a vibrant sort of thing. I'm not really a design person, but, I like to throw a little something in. I actually can't always use any gels at all because we shoot concerts, and video cameras don't like colors much.
aswell as the washes stick up to 6 paired profiles on your FOH rig so that you can single out things such as lead singers / guitarists etc. Maybe using Strand SL's or Source 4's if possible. and using some fresnels on FOH rig helps as well and if you diffuse / merge the fresnels together that works well. using Strand nocturne floods in battons of 4 on your LX2 (depending how many lx bars u have), would be good, try for straw, blue and red and maybe another colour like green or yellow or jsut leave it open white.
I actually can't always use any gels at all because we shoot concerts, and video cameras don't like colors much.

Use a CTB gel in your front wash. I do alot of lighting for video and as long as the faces of the artists are hit with a CTB, I have never had a problem or complaints. Also, you need to shade the camera a bit or keep it on auto shade. But try out some CTB gels.
Some good tips posted so all I am going to say it that you should keep it simple and that colour washes are the place to start.

A lot of people get caught up in trying to do a "wow factor" show when they first start out. I know that I did and it bit me! Simple colour changes are nice and effective and will provide a great basis on which to build future shows.

One think that I would strongly recommend is to talk to the performers and add notes to their set list. For example, which songs are slow, fast, happy, sad etc. This will help you pic which of your colours you will predominately use for that song.

Hope this helps.
ask ur lighting tech to put up some top light. put it at about 80%. then add front light to get rid of shadows put this at about 50%. usually directors don't want too much front light but just get rid of the shadows. this is all you need this is real basic and wont take long to do. on front light make sure its from your balcony if you dont have a balcony use some sort of front light. thats all you need! Add color like these other guys said if you have time!

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