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Im not sure if i posted something along these lines on here or another LX forum. However i will be using a strand 520i to control moving lights.

So as i currently understand it, you patch your fixtures, then you can put them onto a sub master so sub 1 is mover 1 etc then once ur sub is up u can control the colour and position for that fixture using the trackball and the 5 attribute wheels on the right side of the desk!
please correct me if any of the above is wrong...

But I heard that I can record all my chases and effects and put them into a cue list, and instead of programing it into a cue you can assign a cue to the P buttons up the top right hand side of the desk. so blackout P1 and then all your other effects on the rest of them, is this true?

Any help with the desk would be greatly appreciated =)
95% sure you're correct. I have Strand 300 desk that should be arriving in the next week or so. When the vendor came out to demo it, he talked about what you're describing. The P buttons up top actually run macros, I believe, so, what you would do is record a macro that said "Cue 123 Go", and assign it to P3 or something.

The Stradn 300 is the same operating systme, without as many channels and DMX universes, and those wheels, adn some other high-end gadgetry. One of the coolest things, I think with the Light Plaette OS that it runs, with regard to movers at least is this: You have a cue where a intelli fixture is moving around, it comes down, and is pointed at zone 3. Three cues later, it has to start at zone 5. Rahter than running a blackout cue to move & color & whatever it, the Strand desk will automatically reposiiton it for the next cue.

My vendor for this stuff gave me a pretty nice hour or two demo of the thing, I can probably answer other questions about the board, as I got to see most of it in action.
Thats great, I am fairly sure that you can do the Macro thing, I vaugley remember from a show that i did a long time ago on a strand 300.

I might be picking your brains in a few weeks, depending on how i go!
I have been using the Strand 430, 500 series boards since 1995 and what you are saying is correct. Make sure youve got the latest version of software in and its amazing what you can do with networking.
Its all a matter of playing and learning. Any more questions just let me know. By the way I am in England. My -personal e mail is [email protected]
Have fun

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