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Scrollers Move When Master Fader is Moved on Strand MX Console, help!

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Hi guys!

I've just connected Wybron Coloram 2 scrollers to my system (daisy chained off three Strand CD80 packs).

All of this is run off of an old Strand MX lighting console, the scrollers are set to scroll with the level of the fader on the console (as I believe most are).

So, here's my issue, any input would be greatly appreciated!

Whenever I pull down my master fader (so to fade to black), my scrollers start to scroll! Now this obviously makes sense, seeing as they're controlled by the main output of the board and all.

So, here's my question: Is it possible to set the console in such a way to make the faders that are patched to the scrollers independant of the master? I'm not entirely sure what terminology I should be researching here or in the manual, so I'm really drawing a blank. I know there are ways to do this on higher end consoles, but I was wondering if it is possible to do on the Strand MX console?

If I could, I would run them on two seperate universes, although unfortunately we do not have the means to do so (lacking a seperate console)

Any strand MX users out there that can lend a hand? Thanks!
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Re: Scrollers Move When Master Fader is Moved on Strand MX Console, help!

Hey there TravelHedgehog,
With the Strand MX board wich I used a few years ago I know that the Master fader has FULL control over the output of the board. Yes in newer boards they can be told not to effect the non intensity channels ie: PAN, TILT SCROOLERS and so on...

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