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I need steps that are light to pick up. The wooden steps are very heavy (60 LBS). The steps are 2' x 2'x 3' and 2 x 2 x 4. I want to make them from foam that is rugged enough to stand on and not crunch. I have never worked with foam before. Is there a way to cut it so it can be all uniform in size? What type of adhesive would I use? What type of foam should I use? Anything else I should know? Thanks
I have questions first...

are these normal run of the mill steps? I'm assuming that's overall dimensions for a 3/4 stair unit at a 12" rise? I don't think foam is going to be the solution here...

Let's step back to is there a better solution like a wenger (or other) stair unit that's on wheels that could help? Could the stairs you have be adapted/rebuilt to be more suitable to your needs?

Do you have pictures? Let's see if we can come up with a smarter not harder solution that may last you longer, be cheaper and easier.
All foam is going to crunch. Even the good blue foam will eventually cave.
GMFF: A bit more info please! "Light to pick up." Who's doing the picking up? (Crew during a set change? Or child actors during a scene? ) Who will be climbing the steps? )A few little kids or the whole male chorus?) How high is the staircase? (1 or 2 steps or a full flight of stairs?) How long must the seeps last? (Is it a one-off or a 3-month 6/a week run?) And 60# isn't very heavy.
Boxes would be a more accurate term; we have been calling them steps because we step on them. The show is Oliver, there will be children and adult on them and dancing. The step/box will need to be carried by a child on and off stage as there is literally no backstage or wing space. There are 6 major show and 4 mini matinees.
Make them apart of your staging and just don’t strike them. Would be the easiest way. Nobody is gonna care if a step/box lives on stage. The only reason I could think it would be in the way is if it impairs vision of upstage blocking which could be easily fix by just reblocking the scene away from them.
Where I work we regularly sculpt expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam. We get it in big 4’x8’x2’ billets. I regularly stand on scrap blocks of it or use it to support work. I think a solid block of foam cut into steps with a 1/2” piece of plywood laminated to the top of each stepwould hold up for a short show run. We had similar tables and benches in our rental stock for a while and they survived fine.

Lacking access to large foam billets, one could laminate sheets of more readily accessible foam using Super 77, or a water based contact adhesive.
What about foam faced with 1/4” ply? Something like the rehearsal cubes in this thread.

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