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What is your favorite conventional/LED Lighting fixture?

Discussion in 'Lighting and Electrics' started by baileypl, Sep 12, 2017.

  1. baileypl

    baileypl Active Member

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    United States
    Hey Control Booth community!

    What's your favorite conventional or LED fixture that is affordable??

    I'm looking to purchase some basic LED or conventional's with Rosco gels for my church rig.

    You can either reply to this thread with some options or vote on some in the pull below. :) :) :)

    Thanks in advance
  2. MarshallPope

    MarshallPope Well-Known Member

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    Scenic Designer, etc.
    Texarkana, Texas, United States
    I'm sure we could name fixtures all day that we like to use, but to get any sort of useful information, it would help to have some idea of your goal. Some things that would help us help you might be:
    Throw distance?
    Frontlight or back/toplight?
    Are you looking more for good clean facelight or more for saturated colors?
    How much power do you have available?
    What's your idea of affordable?
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  3. Brentgi

    Brentgi Active Member

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    Las Vegas, NV
    This is a pertinent question. I've found that the industry's idea of affordable is not the same idea as a typical HOW's idea of affordable.

    As I don't see a poll below, I'll just say that I really like S4s (or any ellipsoidal fixture for that matter) for general purpose. I used to be a huge par64 fan, but I've grown past that.
  4. Blackfaer

    Blackfaer Member

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    Lighting Designer, TD, Educator
    Washington State
    This is indeed a really complicated question. Affordable is as affordable does. I'd spec Selecon Pacifics as my favorite conventional instrument, they run about $300 each, and of course have about 12 options for lensing not counting zooms. So a lot depends on where you're putting them and what you're lighting. As for LED units, you can get cheapo slimpars in the range of $25 each if you don't need the light to look too good - if you just want to turn a wall red or green, and don't need to have even fades and colors or so on, you can get tons of LED units from china for practically nothing. On the other end, I'd spec the Selador units for color washes where you want a beautiful mix of colors, but those are $1500 a piece or more...

    Maybe give a little more detail as others have suggested - dimming already installed makes a big difference in cost/value of incandescents vs. LED units. Power supply is a big aspect as well. You might find a local designer or venue to check in with a professional on what your needs are. A lot of sales houses will come out and look at your space and discuss options with you - it's not a bad idea to get two sales orgs to offer competing bids for what they think you need - but you'll want to really decide what your needs are.
  5. gafftapegreenia

    gafftapegreenia CBMod CB Mods

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    I mean my *favorite* is the 65Q, but I would never suggest you buy those in 2017.

    As far as an incandescent conventional, there's a reason the Source 4 is a standard. LED changes every 3 months.
  6. DELO72

    DELO72 Well-Known Member

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    New Hampshire
    For non-LED my favorite (As Mark the former LD/Electrican, not Mark-in-his-current role as OSRAM representative) Fresnel was the Selecon Rama, and then the 65Q, and for ellipsoidals the Source Four series was impossible to beat. For LED fixtures I'll defer to all the others.
  7. PeaceTech

    PeaceTech Member

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    Birmingham, AL
    Look for used! If you are in the budget department, then you want something that can be donated or bought at a used rate. Ask around the bigger spaces in your area and see if they have anything they are getting rid of. You may find a small gold mine if you ask nicely, and if nothing else you network with some local people.

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