1. F

    ETC Eos - What is an "output"?

    I'm looking at buying an ETC Ion XE 20; I see options are for 2048 outputs or 12288; both allowing 32,768 Channels. I'm confused by the term "outputs"; is this DMX Addresses? If so, how does it make sense that there would be less addresses than channels?I'm used to the logic that a board...
  2. N

    Control/Dimming Ion monitor arrangement

    Hey all,We’re upgrading g the counter in our booth, and thus have been forced to remove everything. This gives us a new opportunity when reinstalling to shake things up and try something new.So, my question for everyone here is “What’s your favourite 2-screen arrangement for your lighting...
  3. Q

    Source 4 LEDS, Ion and on the fly color mixing.

    We have a dance show coming up with no tech time so we can't write cues. We are trying to figure out the best way to do on the fly color mixing that could still happen at slow or fast times. Our less expensive LED pars, we were able to set up the color mixing on the board very easily: with red...
  4. C

    Console Recommendation for High School + Theatre Academy?

    Hello, ControlBooth:I am the president of the Lighting Crew at my high school, and I have been tasked with recommending a new light board to be purchased for the auditorium. Besides the many functions which the auditorium serves the community (plays, concerts, presentations, etc.), my school...
  5. B

    MIDI controller as Ion XE fader wing

    Hello!My community theatre group recently acquired and ETC Ion XE. I am looking for an inexpensive way to have physical faders, as the virtual fader display is a little inconvenient, even with touchscreen monitors. Is it possible to connect a MIDI controller directly into the console via USB...
  6. Graham Darnell

    Going to Cue Only

    So we are hosting a UIL competition and I’d like to set our ION ex into cue only mode but I can’t remember how to get to the settings to change it. Can anyone help?
  7. Joshualangman

    Please help: Show Baby issues

    Hi all,Our Show Baby randomly stops transmitting during shows. Unplugging and replugging the DMX cable from the Ion seems to "wake it up" and it's fine for a while, then cuts out again. We have never had issues with it before. Thoughts?Thanks,Josh
  8. CasterZ

    ETC ION Linear Effect not running in que

    We have a linear intensity effect that is attempting to be run on some ColorSource PARs. The channels are set to a level in the cue and the effect is on the selected channels. However in one of the cues, as we hit go the channels only show the level and not the effect. When we go back to look at...
  9. Graham Darnell

    Control/Dimming Ion-xe Color intensity

    On my ion, the first Cue of the show is a very deep red, when I hit the cue, the intensity on the instrument starts to go up as it should but all the other colors for the instrument are at 100 and start to drop the same speed as the cue(except for red) so in the middle of the time the cue is...
  10. zackconn44

    Showbaby issues

    I bought a Showbaby 6 in May of 2018. It recently has been having issues where it cannot recieve a signal. I tried changing the ateni but it didn’t help. I also put it as the dmx transmitter at the board. When I did this it could only interact with the closest 3 led pars. It couldn’t control the...
  11. zackconn44

    Showbaby 6 with Chauvet freedom pars

    So I have a city theatrical Showbaby Wireless DMX 6 attached to my etc ion. I was wondering if that could connect to the wireless Chauvet FlareCon that is contained within each freedom par. I know they both run on the same frequency so how would I make them communicate?
  12. G

    Ion XE and QLab OSC

    Hi CBI'm in a bit of a bind trying to set up QLab to control my Ion XE via OSC. I have previously controlled an ETC Express via QLab MIDI cues, but the Ion XE doesn't have MIDI ports. Currently, I'm waiting on a USB to MIDI adapter to see if I can run it that way, but in the meantime I have...
  13. Rose03

    ETC EOS Admin Account

    I noticed the other day that there was a second account called admin on my ion. The account has a password on it and etc would not tell me what it is. Does anyone know what it may be?
  14. CasterZ

    Color Palettes on the Ion

    I'm using color palettes that I made previously on the Ion with different channel numbers but the same unit types. I I put in the new channels for the by types, but when I go to use them an error message comes up that says "Channel List Empty". What steps do I need to take to fix this? Do I need...
  15. Mmackinney

    ETC Ion System Time

    We have a new ETC ION 1000. No matter what we do we can't get it to keep the time we set. It runs about 10 minutes slow. If we change it to the correct time in the system settings, as soon as we reboot it reverts back to being 10 mins behind.Any thoughts?Matt
  16. Jay Ashworth

    ION effect suggestion solicitation

    I'm lighting my first musical (revue) on the ION (v2.5.2), and I have a couple of spots in my plot marked Big Damn Bally, and Psychadelia.Aside from my 2 VLX-440 and 2 VLX-3 movers, which I think I can figure out how to hang effects on for those cues, I have 18 channels of MR-16 cyc strips --...
  17. jakob223

    Control/Dimming Truly "additive" subs/faders on an ETC Ion

    I want to use an ion to control a bunch of moving lights (among other things) for a dance show, and I have 80% of an idea of how I want to do it, but there are a few missing pieces.I'd like to have one fader control the horizontal position of the focus of all the lights on the stage, and one...
  18. Jonathan Pitzer

    Control/Dimming Wondering if I can use OSC to control lighting channels with X32

    I believe that I have seen Qlab tutorials that allow Qlab to both take and give OSC commands from both an X32 and an Ion. I was wondering if it is possible to set the X32 up as additional faders to control lighting channels like you would with an external fader wing. Or if it is possible to...
  19. plotdependent

    Control/Dimming Moving Light vs. Ion communication issues

    We have an ETC Ion lightboard and several Robe Robin DL4S moving lights that have been forgetting attributes recorded into cues and attribute wheels not matching up with their live function (ex: the Tilt attribute wheel will instead move Shutter C in and out). The industry technician we have...
  20. Jay Ashworth

    Stupid Ion Questions 5: Blown submaster

    Somehow, in a show I use which is a copy of a show someone else made and is much copied (our rep plot, written by our LD), I've gotten a submaster blown up pretty bad.I was in Flexi Active yesterday before a show, poking around, and I noticed I had a lot of random channels blue at "1"...