1. What Rigger?

    EDC 2021 Las Vegas aerialist rigging

    Hey, if anyone has a contact with the aerialist riggers at EDC Las Vegas this year, could you DM me? Trying to help a friend with an aerialist rigging issue.
  2. H

    Moving Forward- Pit Orchestra

    Before life shut down- I was working for a small opera company (as much as opera is ever small). Like a lot of people, we're talking about what things need to look like when we are finally allowed to move forward. Today's question- the orchestra pit. How am I going to put 10 people into an...
  3. T

    Online Distance Learning Safety courses for teens?

    Hi folks, I am a High School technical Director. My High school is on a Distance Learning Program through June. This presents as lemons for my Hands-on, Project Based Learning model. It's time to make lemonade. The areas that I wish I covered better over the whole program is general theater...
  4. PracticallyDone

    Help with ideas for steeply raked stage (sculpture).

    Hello everyone, First, I hope that my presence here isn't too out of line as I work in a museum and not a theater. Much of my work overlaps the theater knowledge set and I have worked in theaters before. I am in charge of all fabrication at my museum and I'm looking to hear some ideas and...
  5. Derek220

    Darkness in a venue (church, theatre)

    What are the considerations (specifically life safety codes) regarding the light level in the house during a theatrical performance? (under normal power circumstances. Not when power fails and emergency batteries or generators kick in) Why I'm asking: I've been operating lights for a church and...
  6. DanAyers

    Flicker Vertigo

    So, For anyone who doesn’t know, I hold a Master’s degree in Occupational Safety Management; which goes well with my Bachelors in Technical Theater and 20 years working in the industry. One of my professors from the safety program reached out to me this morning, after attending Trans Siberian...
  7. indigoapropo

    Live Hanging Onstage

    Has anyone done a live hanging with an actor? We have a rig for the actor, but I'm concerned about the rope around the neck. I need something that will release if the rig fails, we've talked about velcro or a magnet.
  8. Van

    2 workers killed in Boom lift accident at Pickathon

    See story below. No 'Inside' information and I still have no idea if it's anyone I know. Apparently two Arborists were ascending in a boom then climbing further up trees to release shade awnings during the out. Apparently the boom was on an incline, sideways. They were clipped to the basket...
  9. Allana

    Ergonomics of Moving Light cases

    Moving Lights are heavy. What is the best way to add/remove a light from a road case without muscle strain/getting injured? Is there any hope for short people? Some cases require a lift which is definitely outside your ideal lifting range and there isn't enough room for more than 2 people to...
  10. Chase P.

    Wrench Safety

    I was recently working with someone who got chewed out for having a tie-line safety on his wrench. Someone with more seniority at the venue thought it was unsafe. While I agree that we can do better, I've seen plenty of homemade lanyards on wrenches, but have never seen a lanyard of any sort...
  11. Allana

    2 loading galleries - physics and safety Q

    My theater has both an upper and lower loading gallery. On install, the JR Clancy rep told us to distribute 2/3 of the weights on the upper loading gallery and 1/3 on the lower. From a physics perspective, does this weight distribution actually effect whether the system is "in weight"? This...
  12. N

    Fire curtain replacement

    Greetings, I recently took control of a theater that is in need of some updates. One thing that stands out to me is the original fire curtain that has likely never been tested and needs to be reworked. The facility was built in 1976. Proscenium opening is about 32'W x 16'H. There is a...
  13. tdtastic

    Do you Harness when you Genie?

    I'm going to get blasted for this, I just know it... Anonymous hands-up of how many of you are using harnesses in your genie or vertical 'stick' lift? Not talking boom or scissor lift. Within the 20-25 foot range. What ARE the actual regulations on that with OSHA or ANSI? (I haven't had...
  14. Conner Jones

    Lanyards, do I really need them?

    Hey guys, So I have been advised by a professor of mine that if I find myself working over head in any union venue I will need to have a lanyard attached to all of my hand tools. I was wondering if this is a real rule that any of you have encountered, and if so how do you get around it? Do I...
  15. Kristi

    Rigging Fundamentals Training

    Hello All, I should have thought to put this up sooner! Register quick! Or send to someone you know! ISD 728 Elk River MN is offering a unique opportunity to help you and your staff create safe environments in your performing spaces! Join ISD 728 Community Education and Josh Peklo, Guthrie...
  16. J

    What type of spark effects are safe to use?

    Hey guys, came across this site. Hi! Artistic Director here, wondering what type of spark effects are safe to use inside and if anyone has had experience with some of these new units called cold spark machines? Found these online from CryoFX but they dont say anything about permits. Other brands...
  17. Darren Stoddart

    Walking the plank

    Hello everyone, Does anyone have any good ideas for building a plan with an actual drop of anywhere between 2' and 8' for Peter Pan? This is a children's production and safety is my number one concern with anything of this sort. The director is OK with concealing the landing with a crowd of...
  18. GoxBoxSocks

    Fire erupts at 'Kong: Skull Island' premiere in Saigon

    Outdoor stage for Kong: Skull Island premiere goes up in flames, no injuries were reported. There was a dance number with multiple live flame elements used. Stay safe out there...
  19. teqniqal

    actsafe Event Safety Conference - February 21-22 in Vancouver

    Information at: I'll be presenting a session: "Hazard Recognition: Whoa! - I didn't see that coming . . ."
  20. teqniqal

    Who's Going to the actsafe Event Safety Conference in Vancouver 3/21-22

    Information at: I'll be presenting a session: "Hazard Recognition: Whoa! - I didn't see that coming . . ."