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ISD 728 Elk River MN is offering a unique opportunity to help you and your staff create safe environments in your performing spaces! Join ISD 728 Community Education and Josh Peklo, Guthrie Theater Technical Director and ETCP Authorized Rigging Trainer, as he leads a two-day course on rigging fundamentals in live theater spaces. With the increasing amount of support towards the performing arts and the creation or renovating of our districts' Performing spaces, this is a very timely and priceless course to offer our staff to protect our students, our facilities, and, of course, the staff themselves. With Fly systems, there is no room for guessing...Safety rules are written with the blood of less careful men. (Tom Clancy) Any accident can be both deadly and very costly!

This class is suggested for Auditorium Managers, Educational Technical Directors (with or without a fly system) Theater Facilitators, Health and Safety Employees, Local Theater Enthusiasts, Theatrical Vendors. Please consider sponsoring your staff to attend this class. See below for class content. You must call to register a spot if you would like an invoice sent to your district. ISD 728 Community Education 763-241-3520 Or you may click the link below to register via other methods.


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