Bodymics for bodymics, hairline-wig, lavalier and headset mics

Discussion in 'New Member Board' started by Rod Reilly, Apr 21, 2017.

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    Just joined. I asked a new client last night where he got my name, and he told me Control Booth. Figured I had better check things out.

    Our goal is to meet the needs of the wireless microphone users in theatre/theater with mic elements, transmitter belts, production hangers, antenna systems ( and rentals (

    As a number of posters have said we are pretty easy to deal with, with have a range of products from $49 to $99. They all sound good - many pros have been unable to pick ours against major brand names in blind tests in real theatre situations. They suffer the same problems as Countryman, dpa, Shure, AT etc - the thin cables we use a super susceptible to abuse.

    As has been said many times on this board
    • don't wrap cables around the bodypack transmitter
    • use transmitter belts to prevent (minimize) the number of dropped transmitters still connected to mics still connected to actors
    • watch for kinking near the connector
    • make sure there is enough slack in the cable to allow full head motion without tugging on the cable
    • don't catch the cables in zipper or other closures
    • keep cables away from sharp implements
    If you need and info, help or just an old-timer to chat to feel free to call, text, email
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    Burlington, Ontario, Canada
    Welcome aboard @Rod Reilly
    Ron Hebbard.
  3. Scarrgo

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    Technical Director, JAPAC L'Anse Creuse P.S.
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    Welcome to CB, glad to have you here...

    I bought 8 mics a couple of months ago, worked out great...

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    Welcome to CB, always glad to see new people here.

    I have to second everything you said, far too often I see abuse to mics and transmitters. Big thing NEVER EVER LET A PERFORMER TAKE OFF THEIR OWN MIC. Always make them go to the mic techs to do it, or a trained actor to help.

    Ive had to use mics and transmitters that had received abuse from a previous show a couple times. Not fun.

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