Fat Frog Users?


Hello, I'm fairly new to using the Fat Frog with intelligent fixtures and am looking for some help.

I know how to do basic things with the console, such as assigning fixtures, patching, selecting and moving the lights. But when it comes down to creating a moving chase, or creating scenes - I'm finding it difficult to follow along with the manual. I've made a chase before (almost a year ago) but can no longer remember how.

I also need to know how to assign various chases to submasters, if possible. I'm designing some chases and scenes for an upcoming amateur music night and need to master these tasks before the bands hit the stage!

Mmm I could check the manual out and see what it says and help you out. i've only played with a demo unit for about 5 minutes but its supposed to be real easy. When do you need to do this?

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