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Hello all. I am the Technical Theater Director/Stagecraft Teacher for a private K-12 School. In my lighting unit I have begun making students create a light show, along to some music for their final lighting assignment. We are working off of an ION, and so far it has seemed to work pretty well, except for the fact that we don't have more IONs to wok off of. This year, I want to teach them to work with the online EOS software, I have purchased the ETCnomad gadget, and would like for them to create their light show on their computers, and then be able to run them from their computers..or open the file up on the ION to run. What I am wondering is if there is a visualization software that would be handy for them while they were working on their shows on their computers?? Has anyone tried something like this? Any suggestions?? Getting them to work on their computers to program keeps them working as opposed to waiting around for their turn on the ION. I appreciate any help with this, and the overall help I have received from using this site.


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There are several visualization packages, some free, some with student versions, some with educational licensing. Visualizers have been discussed many, many times so the search box at the top of this page can point you at many of them.

For this application, Capture may be a good choice, especially if the assignment uses the same lighting rig. Capture can produce an executable which can be freely distributed so each student has their own portable Nomad and Capture visualization setup. Any visualizer requires a decent video card to run well. The visualization will be a little glitchy without a dongle, but it works.

ETC uses Capture for their training programs. You can download their training materials, including their virtualizations, here:



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I have set up just what @sk8rsdad describes for a few high school clients. It can work very well, to the point I have considered offering it as a stand alone service. You can also use the ETC tutorial visualizations right off their website. That would give the students a chance to program a wide range of equipment the school probably doesn't have, after all these files are built for console training. If you are willing to work with a short list of fixtures, but want your own space, you could use Capture's Student version.

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