house lights

why not electricute them with the exact lamps they were trying to break? itd save your hands for more important work, like getting blisters ripping gaffa tape lol
hum, good point. I already know that a handful of people are going to yell at me when we get back to school on Tuesday (we're on spring break, of corse i've been at school almost every day, but...) and I know many people are going to yell about the lights.

oh well, its our gym for the next few weeks, our lights will go where we want them to go, they will be out of the way by basketball season next year.....

and if they don't like it they will be found hanging from the top of the scaffolding or truss that is creating our proscenium...
zac850 said:
the cage idea was an old plan we had floating around a while ago. The current plan is since we have a tall gym we're going to move all of the lights up to the top, so like 30 or 35 feet away from the basketballs. The hope is that they won't be able to hit the balls even if they try (and if they try I will kill them with my bare hands) and there is no way in just planing a game of basketball you will be able to hit them.

Basketball being a bad example in this case - playground ball or soccer ball - no problem booting one of those 30 feet up.

Bottom line, I'd make sure you have everything that isn't physically attached to the par can tied off to the pipe, beam, whatever with safety cables.
Will they all be on DMX? If so, don't point them straight up. Point them at various artistic angles, but upwards, and keep the gel and lens holders on. Then, when the mood strikes, they can be used as colored effects or colored house lights.
Ray, please start reading dates.
Zac graduated from secondary school almost 2 years ago.
I decided to aim them at the ceiling with a WFL lens in them. I still don't know how well it is going to work, since I'm still waiting on UPS to hook my board up to the dimmers (yes, I did try to test them from the dimmer rack, but it wasn't as easy...)

Stick some L228 @ 90 degrees to the WFL lens spread (lines on the diffusion running same direction as the long width of the beam). It's a linear diffusion and will open up the beam quite a bit. Or R104 or R160 which are variably less dense.

I use this on PAR64's with WFL lamps as overhead orchestra lighting.

Steve B.
Haha, I'm always entertained when old threads get pulled up and commented on, years after the show they were about are over.

We have recently taken to using our old 6" fresnels pointed up at the white ceiling as house lights (the Source4 PARs have found better uses elsewhere in the plot). 3 dimmers in the end of the rack and we have lights. In this space a bright preshow look will also help to bounce light out around the house.
So no more attempts to entrap people huh. The Booth seems to be a less fun place at the moment, everyone seems to be acting very serious.
You know me Logos, I'm always happy to mess with someone in the right place and time. And I'm never beyond a little entrapment if the moment is right. But the spirit of Christmas was with me and I felt like being nice. Besides, I promised Phil a long time ago I wouldn't play in the serious forums... much. :angel:

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