1. BransonC

    Patching Gobo Rotators

    Hey guys! I just received two new Rosco RevoPRO Dual Programmable Gobo Rotator They can be found here: I am attempting to patch/program them into a JANDS CL Controller. However, I have not be successful. Any help or thoughts...
  2. H

    Electro Controls Information

    I recently acquired a large number of Electro Controls ellipsoidals. I've looked everywhere I can think to look, I've found similar lights but none the same. I was told these lights originally came from the Manti Pagent held by the LDS church. They are rather large the thing that makes them...
  3. Grant Strain

    Control/Dimming Issues with Dimming

    Hey everyone, I've been designing in a new space for a few months, and over that time, i've gone from 4 dimmers not dimming properly, to in excess of 8. The issue is that all the standard fixtures I have (ETC Source4, S4 PAR, Strand 6xX, Altman 6xX) will go to about 60% when I brung the...
  4. T

    Looking for lighting recommendations for a Broadcasting Studio Setup

    Our church just got donated awesome projection screens and we are turning a corner of our venue into a broadcasting like studio where we are going to be filming interviews and streaming live through our website through some live events. I am looking through some lighting fixtures to use for...
  5. J

    Quick VW2016 Question

    I've just created a Lighting Position from a lighting Pipe in Vectorworks 2016. I cannot seem to be able to edit the Labels font for this position. I can move the label around, but the font is too small, and the only options in the text style dropdown on the object info pallette are ft. size 10...
  6. finnb5

    Automated Fixtures Used Moving Light Purchasing Advice

    Hello all, For the past few years, my high school has had sorely outdated lighting resources but recently our drama head and I (student LD) have decided to really put a budget boost into the system and get a bunch of new technology. We're pretty sure we want to get used fixtures simply because...
  7. W

    Help! Strand NEO Issues

    Hello All, I am designing GREASE on a strand NEO, and today I had an issue. This just started today. At some point during the cue list, something is happening to a set of 7 lights (STRAND PLFRESNEL MK11) on the same electric. They all stay on a certain color and intensity and will not respond to...
  8. J

    DMX Decoder Questions

    Hello! I work at a church as one of the tech directors and we are planning on implementing a new stage design soon. We want to give some Non Dmx LED strips DMX control using a 24 channel decoder and I was wondering if you all could help me with making sure the design I made will work. I have...
  9. finnb5

    Design Issues and Solutions DIY LED Adventure

    Hello! (See below for a TL;DR) I am a high school student, and I do lighting design for my school. Needless to say, the budget is a little bit tight for our theatre, despite the sports facilities being renovated every year...but that's none of my business. We have a wonderful ETC board which...
  10. Brianna Perry

    Design Issues and Solutions HS Student needing help w/ my plot

    Hi, I have a competition coming up in a few weeks and I ran into an issue making my plot. Our strip lights use the Altman 5 5/8" roundels. I don't know how I would label those colors on my plot. Would it just be "BLU, RED, CLR, GRN..." or is there a proper way to specify? Please help! Thanks.
  11. Harrison

    MIDI SysEx w/ Leprecon console and QLab

    I’m working on a small middle school production, and my plan was to use Qlab as a show control device. I would be running projections, sound cues and lighting cues from my Macbook Pro, eliminating the need for multiple computers and operators. Unfortunately, I’m having trouble getting the...
  12. Rachel S

    Strobes and MIDI

    Hello, I'm the ME for a production of the Tempest and the LD wants to use MIDI controlled strobes for the opening storm sequence. There will be an electric drum set that should be able to control the strobes individually. I'm not sure how to hook it up. I've never used MIDI with lighting...
  13. derekleffew

    Tool Lists (What do I need?)

    Here's a very comprehensive list, compiled by ship in 2002-03, primarily for electrical tools (with pictures!). Here's a list from IATSE local 33. Anyone else have any lists to share? EDIT: Since the IA list is member only now, here's an internet archive of that list.
  14. M

    Flame Resistant Paper

    Hello, I'm an intern at Long Wharf Theatre. My theatre is working on a play called Lewiston. It's set at a fireworks stand. We need to make a bunch of set dressing firework boxes. I'm looking for some kind of printable fire resistant paper, but Google has so far given me nothing to go on. My...
  15. J

    New to Lighting

    Hi all! I'm setting up our light plot from a university designer for our spring musical this year. I've had experience with our ION board, using conventionals as well as intelligent lighting (DMX). The problem I have when circuiting a plot, I'm not too sure how to figure out how many of an...
  16. W

    Design Issues and Solutions Looking for insight and recommendations!

    Title says most of it. I need opinions and ideas for an upcoming show I am doing. The name of the show is Shamrock Showcase. Basically the idea of the show is a bunch of Frats and Sororities on my campus are coming together to have a large dance show. Here is a preview of my idea so far...
  17. fofosfederation

    Control/Dimming My Intelligent Fixtures Power Up When My Board Shuts Down

    General I'm a student at a college theater, and we have an incredibly annoying problem where a random number of our intelligent lights will power up as soon as our lighting board turns off. Our Setup ETC Eos Lighting Board Connects to an ETC Net3 Show Control Gateway Ancient ETC Dimmer Rack...
  18. P

    Control/Dimming ETC NOMAD question again

    Hi again, I am a young student who is very excited with the world of lighting and attends a school where we use ETC. On a school issued laptop I had IT install NOMAD offline. However, due to file location of the library I cannot use it. Does anyone know where that file hides once downloaded?
  19. M

    Chinese Road Cases/ Rack in the Cases Limited

    Hello, Thinking about purchasing from a Chinese company some simple utility cases, nothing that needs to be incredibly rugged, but want to make sure the company is legit. Has anyone ever dealt with the company Rack in the Cases Limited?
  20. T

    ETC Ion flash drive problems?

    So we've now had a problem twice where when we inserted a thumb drive into our Ion that has a copy of the show that is also on the board (although not the most up-to-date copy), it messes with the cues that are on board. Has anyone else encountered this problem?