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Hey everyone,

I've been designing in a new space for a few months, and over that time, i've gone from 4 dimmers not dimming properly, to in excess of 8. The issue is that all the standard fixtures I have (ETC Source4, S4 PAR, Strand 6xX, Altman 6xX) will go to about 60% when I brung the fixture up to 9% on the console, then go to full once it gets above that. When it dims, it stays at full until it hits 9%, then it goes out.

I'm on an ETC Element, with a Sensor Rack, Sensor Classic Dimmer Modules, and a CEM Classic Brain.

Things I've tried to no avail:

Change the curve on the board (all of them)

Change the curve on the brain (all of them but non-dim and switch)
(the curve was the same on a working dimmer with the same fixture before it was changed)

swapping dimmer module with a known working one

I'm thinking next step is to call ETC tech support, unless any of you have any ideas


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Definitely call Tech Support, 1-800-688-4116. I'd want to be in front of the dimmer rack, as I highly suspect a wrong setting in the CEM. If you could somehow get the console and dimmers next to each other, even better.


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Grant -
Have your taken a meter to the input legs of the rack? If all the failing packs fall on one leg perhaps you have incoming power issues. Following that have you metered the line/neutral voltages? Perhaps you have some improperly installed (i.e. networked) neutrals.

If you're starting with a clean show, default dimming curves in the Element and have regenerated CEM defaults with no change I'd guess you're dealing with power issues.


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Might have some bad ideas in it's brain. May be time for a system reset and possible a "factory default" reset. Doesn't sound like failing modules.

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