Addressing DMX to SPI Decoder (Alitove SP201E)

Hi folks,

I'm attempting to control a string of LED pixel lights via DMX and an ETC console. The decoder we purchased is the Alitove SP201E, which should be compatible with both the WS2811 chips in the lights and regular ol' DMX. The manual leaves much to be desired. Reviewers on Amazon say they've gotten it to respond to DMX, but unhelpfully neglect to mention what settings they did or didn't change.

On the console end, I have my test patch set up Channel (1) at Address (1-3) with each channel as a generic RGB profile, since each light on the string should just have the three color parameters. I'm currently testing on an Element, but will run on an Ion eventually. Currently, when I plug in the power supply, the string lights up white, with some occasional variation in the first pixel, but when I plug in DMX the only change is that the pre-programmed functions on the decoder no longer work. I assume that means it's at least recognizing something...

Has anyone used this particular decoder successfully? Any thoughts on what I might need to change in my setup?

Many thanks!


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Take some pictures of how you have it wired. Then make sure your patch is right on the console and the box. I will agree that once you plug your signal cable in and the lights shut off that you now have control.

Generally with pixel dots it’s 3 leds per dot so 3 channels per dot, you could also think of each dot as a mini fixture. So a string of 50 would be 150 DMX channels used.

Best way to test is back up your show. Start a new clean show with a 1 to 1 patch set your DMX decoder to 1 and all should be good granted you wired it properly.


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Caveat: I have never used the Alitove SP201E, preferring DMXkings (wired) or ESPixelStick (wireless) and sACN instead of DMX.

  • Have you managed to get the display to show C -- 01?
  • Have you wired your pixel string as shown in the manual
  • Have you patched several RGB (or possibly BGR) 8-bit generic LEDs in the show file with an address that matches C -- 01 as the start address, on whatever universe your DMX cable is connected?
I got it! The wiring and the patch were alright. The decoder itself has a whole bunch of profile/control options. I had been assuming that the "512" option was the setting I wanted. Turns out it's "---" instead.

Thanks so much for your responses! I hope this helps someone else who decides to take the budget route with a pixel project.


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Yeah you gotta set the box to the address you want 😂😂😂. Congrats on the quick fix.

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