Conventional Fixtures Cost Effective (Cheap) LED LEKO for Outdoors?


My boss is going GOBO wild and wants more and more put into our show every year. 90% of them are used outdoors. I am up to 14 Source Four 750s and I'm out of power. We've built "rain bonnets" to help weather proof the electric end of the units and that works well. I'm thinking of getting the Source 4WRD LED retrofit kit for these units but they look like they won't even survive a light misting of rain. At $600 each, I don't want to risk it.

Does anyone have any recommendations on outdoor LED GOBO projection? I wish the Source 4WRD units were water tight and didn't have all the DMX capability that increases cost.

I've purchased a couple of sealed units that I think came from China and I'm not super happy with them. They seem home-made. Not LEKO style, they look like a robot head with one eye.

We are a non-profit and these are for our haunted house fund raiser. I buy my Source Fours used.

Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks...


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Something to keep in mind:
With high power LED units, rain/water is not your only enemy. They need a lot of air to stay cool or the LED emitter unit will overheat and fry. Therefore, enclosing them to make them watertight is not an option.
High power outdoor LED wash fixtures get around this by using the rear of the fixture as a heatsink to dump heat, while everything else on them is sealed.


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didn't have all the DMX capability that increases cost.

Just an aside but I don't think the DMX adds much, and probably would save a lot more if it didn't have to mains dim. Not to mention I and I suspect others wouldn't specify these if they were only mains dimming.

I wish I had a better answer but profile, good, inexpensive, weather worthy, and LED present some contradictions.

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