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I need a display booth counter top smoke/haze effect. From what I’m told so far, the counter top will be no more than say 3 to 4" thick and need 4 vents on the counter top to be installed between 5 lighting fixtures. The fixtures are luckily already figured out except for the transformers. They will be GE type H7604 lamps which at 50w/12.8v provide an astounding.100,000 center beam candle power for the 7°x5° beam spread PAR 36 lamp. It would seem that there is nothing more powerful with a serviceable life in that size short of going HMI lamp with ballast and electronics starter costs, or something requiring a reflector in a 4.5"dia x no more than 6" long fixture. Anyone guess I’m creating laser beams within the counter?

Anyway, I have heard of pencil type foggers and other small foggers, but this is for a trade show and as such would have to run about 14 hours per day. Might be possible to by pass such storage things on a pencil fogger as if it were a butane blow torch, but still I’m looking for a better haze/smoke idea that is smaller than 3" high, or something that is powerful enough to go thru a small tube from a distance away from the counter, than break out into the four vents. Not as easy as it might seem.

Ideas???? Products etc?
Hi Ship,
I'll have to think on this a bit...lots of ways to do "fog"...ways outside of a tiny or traditional fogger I mean using chemicals that provide "smoke" effects. Plus there are lots of ways to pipe fog from a regular size fogger and go from larger to smaller hoses & couplers using fans. But FWIW this may get ya started on the types of "tiny" foggers out there that I am aware of...

I would suggest the 8oz fluid well--or a extension tube to a large bottle, and the AC version over the battery versions for it to last for long periods of time you need. Of course if you want a semi-compact REAL 4.9mW laser system (green laser--low power so no varience/license or cooling system needed)--the same website has a few of those too in their menu's too.. Look forward to seeing what other folks have to say in idea's and stuff about this effect..

Please tell me that the advertised price for those units was in Drachmas! Man they are expensive.

I have done a similar thing for a client but the size limitations were not as tight as those you are mentioning.

Essentially, we needed to pipe some smoke into a grid and to do this I constructed the grid out of 1” plastic reticulation pipe, into which I cut slots every 10mm (3/8”). We fed the grid from opposite corners and whilst the volume of smoke was less in the centre that closer to the edges, it worked for what we needed.

I used a Jem ZR33 High Mass fogger, which I set to gently and continuously puff out smoke. If I understand what you are doing, you will want a nice soft dispersion of smoke as opposed to puffs or bursts. To achieve this effect, I made a coupler that attached to the snoot of the ZR33 and attached to a section of 4” plastic tube that acted as a reservoir. I was going to use a 10L container but didn’t have the room. I used a 4” to 1” reducer that joined into a Y-piece on one of the forks of the Y. On the other fork was a length of flexible hose, which attached to another 4” to 1” reducer. On the 4” flange I had a 12V DC Fan that kept a steady flow of air into the Y piece. The tail of the Y fed the grid, via a length of flexible tube.

I had to play around with the lengths of tube and the fan speed to get a nice even flow of smoke. In the end, I put some mesh from a fly screen door into the 4” pipe to act as a baffle. It is a bit of messing around and time to get it to work but it was cost effective in the end.

I don’t know if this will help you but you never know.

Ship, the AMERICAN DJ MINI-FOG FOG MACHINE is small and I have used it for a few trade booth type applications. Here are the specs:

400w fogger
2000 cubic feet per min. fog output
Optional external fog switch
External fog control switch
Dimensions: 7.25"(L) x 6"(W) x 6.25"(H)
Weight: 7lbs
Costs about $40

You can easily throw a few pipes on it and valves and make the fog go anywhere you want.
Cost is not much of an issue for me. If the effect is right than it will be in the budget. Besides I’m a dealer for most of these companies thus get it at cost.

Did some research LeMaitrie and a few other websites were useless so I’ll have to still look at the hard copy of the catalogs but this is what I have so far. Anyone use the following: CITC “Tiny Fogger”, CITC “Quick-Draw”, Rosco “PF-1000 Remote Head Fogger”, Theatre Effects “Tiny Fogger” series?

Otherwise anyone ever use a mist system? I’m looking at the CITC Jungle Mist System as a possible thing of interest - a lot of interest both for getting away from the fogger idea and because the jets on the top of the counter would be very small.

Using a larger size of fogger would probably be a problem because I expect it’s a kiosk type booth thus there will not really be anywhere to run the hose from easily or without a lot of work in creating a cable/tubing pathway. Besides, as soon as Martin/Jem decides to send me my Hydrosonic 2000 squarrel fans that I ordered about 2 years ago and every couple of months remind them of, than I will consider buying a Jem product again.

But the puff of smoke or something is the idea, however the concept from what I understand after my all of four minute discussion about the design concept is that the light beams are supposed to be about 3" in dia thus a lazer would not work or be easy enough to do. The fixtures once I find a suitable transformer for them should be fine.

Thanks for the ADJ mini-fogger note. I was on the website but did not see it. Time to look again.
I read the ADJ Mini Fogger as slightly larger and with less output.
Still it's of interest, thanks.

• 450W fogger
• 1,500 cubic feet per min. fog output
• Warm up time: 5 minutes
• External fog switch
• Includes a free container of water based Fog Juice
ETL & ETLC approved
• Dimensions: 10” x 8” x 8.5”
• Weight: 8lbs

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