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A Stage Apart
Abbreviations & Shortforms, common terms
Accessing ControlBooth on your Phone
Advice For New Technicians
Android Apps for Theatre
Audio Connectors and Cables
Audio Manufacturers' Initials
Behind the Scenes
Black & White/Sepia Lighting/Scenery/Costumes
Brands and Companies
Building and Training a Running Crew
Color Mixing, Lighting
Connectors, Stage Pin
Connectors, XLR
Control Protocols, Lighting
ControlBooth Member College Demographics
ControlBooth Member Country Demographic
ControlBooth Members Twitter Usernames
Counterweight Rigging
Creating a Strand 300/500 Fixture Library
Creating Colored light in the Theatre
Crew Roles
Dealers for Supplies and Equipment
Design Workflow
Dimmable Fluorescents
Dimmer feeds--How much power is enough?
DIY DMX: Demux, Protocol Converters, etc.
DIY Gobos
Electrical Formulae
Elements of Visual Design
Ellipsoidal Reflector Spotlight-Ancient History
ETC Remote Devices (A Brief History)
Feedback Prevention with Floor Mics
Focus Lingo
Gafftaper Method
Getting a Job in the Industry
Gift Guide
Hanging a Light
Headset "etiquette"
Hemp Rigging System Tips
How to Research Props
Importing and Exporting Data to LightWright
Industry Periodicals
Inventory Management
iPhone/iPodTouch/iPad Apps for Theatre
Joinery, Wood (Traditional)
Knife Care
Landing a Summerstock Job
LED Fixtures for downlight - how they worked out in my Theatre
Light Relief
Lighting Clamps, Types of
Lighting Control Consoles and Software
Lighting Fixture Maintenance
Lighting Visualization Software
Long Gigs
Mathematical Formulas for Lighting
McCandless Method
Memory Lighting Control Systems, History
Microphone Reference
Moving lights in Theatre - Why they make sense
Music, Sound Effects and Copyrights
Off-line Editors for Lighting Consoles
Posting pictures/videos/files on ControlBooth
Presentation Software
Pricing- "How much does a _____ cost?"
Programming Moving Lights on an ETC Express(ion)
Props, How to Research
Replacing Sockets in Stage Lights
Research sources for Lighting
Résumés and Portfolios
Scene Shop, Safety
Scene Shop, Tools and Equipment
Service and Repair Vendors
Shopping at a local safety equipment store
Sources for Used Equipment
Spelling and Grammar on Controlbooth.com
Spelling of theatrical brands/products/terms
Stage Lighting Controls, Manufacturers of
Tape, Types of
Techie Bible
Technical Theatre Organization Best Practices
Theatre Books
Theatre Superstitions
Theatrical Lighting Database
Truss Protectors AKA Truss Condoms
Using Categories in the Wiki
Vectorworks Modifying Lighting Information for a Symbol
Venue Tech Info Packet
Video and Projection training resources
Websites, CB Members
Websites, Manufacturers and Vendors
Why Not to Fly, DIY

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